Shopify App : PE (Discount & Price Editor)

Bulk discounted pricing with rollback.

About PE (Discount & Price Editor)

Fully-featured price editor : Update the prices of as many products and their variants as you want. Use bulk pricing to save your time.

Ideal for non-tech users : Launch an intuitive price editor and start changing product prices without lengthy configurations.

Rollback for bulk pricing : Reverse product price tweaks with one button if anything goes wrong.


The Bulk Price Editor app in brief

Bulk Price Editor by TenGrowth helps merchants save time on product price editing. With the app, you unlock flexible rules that you can apply to specific products, collections, and the whole product catalog.

What can you do with the Bulk Price Editor?

*Increase or decrease product prices by a certain percentage (X%) *Set a product price increase or decrease to a specific value ($X) *Use different operations to change product prices (divide, multiply, add, or subtract) *Change both the Price and the Compare at price *Apply changes to particular products in bulk (good for setting automatic discounts) *Change the prices of products or collections, or across the entire store *Select products by browsing a handy search bar

Perform bulk price edits for discount management such as:

*Percentage increase +10% *Percentage decrease -10% (good for product sale campaigns) *Increase by value +10 *Decrease by value -10 (can be used as bulk discount rules) *Set price to $99 *Set Compare at price to $99 *Update Price with Compare at price *Update Compare at price with Price

Feature Overview

Easy bulk price edits and management of discounted pricing Apply a quick percentage increase or decrease to price fields Product search by Collection, Vendor, and Tags for targeted bulk price editing Apply targeted discounts and price edits to products in specific collections and make shopper buy more.

What makes our Bulk Price Editor special?

*Easy setup. You need no coding skills to run the app. With seamless navigation, you can start bulk pricing in one click. *Bulk edits. So as not to configure every product price, you can apply bulk pricing rules. This is very convenient for setting multiple discounts, or when you need to change almost the entire pricing table (say, if you launch a sales campaign or if suppliers update their price range). *Quick navigation. You can find products for editing in no time with the help of a user-friendly search bar. *Full control. Switch to another price type and update both the Price and the Compare at price with ease. *Rollback. You can undo all the tweaks without effort if there is a mistake. *Scalability. You can manage an unlimited number of products and their variants.

Don’t let routine eat up your time — let the Bulk Price Editor app do the job for you!

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October 23, 2019
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