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Easily Display PDFs to Customers anywhere in your Storefront

About PDF Uploader/Viewer

Display PDFs in Storefront : Display multiple PDFs on any Page. Display different PDFs for different Product Variants. Turn an text into a clickable link that opens PDF

Organize all PDFs : Attach or delete your PDFs to as many Products or individual Variants as you like.

Keep Track in Dashboard : See immediately how many PDFs you have on display in Relation to your products.


With PDF Uploader / Viewer Merchants can easily upload PDFs from the backend and display them to Customers/Visitors on any Page in the storefront.

Let customers easily see important information about the products, variants, your shop, or anything else that is best displayed as PDF.

This app uses the most advanced PDF viewer available. PDF Viewer features: - Text search for the entire PDF - Handles hundreds of pages per PDF - Zoom - Vertical and Horizontal Scroll - Multiple Spread Layout - Many more Features

The PDF Viewer can be opened as a lay-over-modal or embedded into the site and be constantly visible.

What PDF Uploader can NOT do: - Customers/Visitors can NOT upload PDFs to your store. - This app can not create any PDFs form Products or Collections.

You might want to show your customer's product-related PDFs like: - User Manuals - Spec Sheets - Lab Tests - Size Charts - Ingredients - Certificates - Product Catalogs - Store Information

Very flexible to use: - Attach many PDFs to a single product or individual variant (limited by plan). - Attach the same PDF to all products or variants. - Attach a different PDF to every different variant. - Attach PDFs to any text in your store, turning it into a clickable link that opens as a pop-up.

Unlimited Plan comes with a custom Search Site integration so customers can look up all your available PDFs.

The hassle with PDFs is the way they are being displayed. They usually need to be downloaded locally or opened up in a new browser tab. These steps are a disruption to the browsing flow of your customers. For that reason, we display your PDFs in a convenient modal popover on top of the page. This way your customer does not leave the page. Browsing through a PDF is more fun and less disruptive this way. However, if there is a need to download the PDF or open it in a new tab, your customer has the option available.

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January 08, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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