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About PBdropshipping

Diverse Sourcing : Every client can make any sourcing request on the App. We will help you find the products which is your need

Fulfillment Automatical : If the clients use App to connect with their stores. It is no need for them to update the tracking number, our app will update automatically

Make Business easier : This App will save a lot of time for you on sourcing and fulfillment.Besides, in this App, there are a lot of other useful functions.


PB Dropshipping APP Features

  • Import products to your stores in just a few clicks
  • Product sourcing service, and thousands of POD products
  • Sourcing from 1688 directly

PB Dropshipping Service

  • Easily list any product to your store, and provide thousands of POD products
  • Convenient order fulfillment service, everything will be automatically synchronized with your store, and you can also use CSV orders
  • Provide brand packaging and inserts, quality check before shipment, almost one by one inspection
  • The fastest processing time, direct delivery from the US warehouse to your US customers
  • Track your order at any time and make the delivery analysis
  • A team that works with your team and almost 24 hours and 7 dyas online support

How to use PB Dropshipping APP

  • Import products easily: import a drop shipping product from our market. After you find the product you want to import, just click the LIST button and change the price you want to sell and to publish it in your store.
  • Connect existing products: Connect the products you have sold in the store to the PB APP. The system only generates orders for products that have been connected to PB from your store. You don’t need to change your store’s product information, our system will automatically import orders from your store.
  • Post Sourcing Requests: If there is no product in our APP, you can post a sourcing request to us. Once the sourcing is successful, you can list or connect it to your store.
  • Auto-Fulfill orders: To ship products to your customers, just click "Add to Cart" and confirm the order. Everything else is done automatically by PBDropshipping.
  • Batch DropShipping orders via EXCEL or COPY and PASTE: If you still prefer to use excel or CSV order model, then you can use the Import Excel order button. There will be two options-upload EXCEL or COPY and PASTE. The system will calculate the amount by itself, and you can download the tracking number at any time.
  • Hide your trade secrets: Once you have a bestseller that belongs only to you, we will hide your trade secrets. We will not tell our other customers about the products and the sales.
  • Pre-order inventory using PBDropshipping and US warehouse shipping: Maintaining a complete inventory can increase your order processing speed. For stock products, we can process them on the same day. You can order stocks of popular products at discounted prices. In addition, we have our own American warehouse for order processing. *shipping cost calculation and tracking: a tool used to calculate the transportation price of any available shipping method. Know where your order is at any time and analyze the delivery for you.
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January 10, 2022
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