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About SAWO Passwordless Login

Easy Login : We offer a seamless user experience to ensure an equally seamless adoption for increasing conversion rate.

Increase Sales : Quick user onboarding with passwordless login helps in faster conversions and increases sales.

Cost Effective : Swift Login at a fraction of the cost with optimized subscription plans, depending on client requirements.


With SAWO, you can adopt passwordless authentication for your website or application. Your customers will be able to login without the hassle of entering credentials or Waiting for OTPs each time they use your service! SAWO Password-less Login Api saves upto 75% of your authentication cost and eliminates the endless inconvenience and vulnerabilities brought on by the existing authentication alternatives.

  1. We help provide easy access to the consumers, improve conversion rates, reduce risks, as the end user can login to your website without any hassle of remembering passwords and not receiving OTPs.

  2. We use Device based authentication, which essentially triggers the phone screenlock which can be a PIN, Pattern, biometrics : Face ID, Fingerprint to verify a user, so there are no passwords or security questions involved.

  3. We deliver end-to-end encryption and do not save any data, eliminating the chances of data leakage, unlike social logins like Facebook & Google Sign-In.

  4. For a first time user, one-time registration has to be done via email and phone number. An OTP needs to be verified during the first login. This will store the private cryptographic key on the user’s device. Post this, the user can login anytime using a biometric trigger on their mobile phone.

  5. In case of loss of the primary device, the user can login through a different device using our fallback features i.e. SMS Verification, Email Verification, Whatsapp Verification.

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May 24, 2022
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