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Advanced parameterization and product selection tool

About Parameterizer

Unlimited collection filters : You can add unlimited collection custom filter criteria for accurate products selection with minimum and maximum values indication

Unlimited products parameters : You can add unlimited custom product parameters for selecting large amount products with many properties in any parameters combination

Custom recommendations : You can add custom recommendations by linking products with similar properties. Made by store owner for own needs

Advanced large amount products selection tool by parameters

If your collection have hundreds products with many different properties of the same type:

  • geometric (length, width, thickness, diameter, etc.)
  • electrical (capacity, amperage, voltage, etc.)
  • computer (RAM, ROM, CPU frequency, etc.)
  • ISBN, part marking, spare parts parameters

Parameterizer give you and your clients full control for selecting products. It is very convenient quickly make selections by these parameters (for both the seller and the buyer), in particular, when you advise and take an order by phone, since it is difficult to do with tags due to known limitations. For example:

  • bicycle tires with certain diameter and width, fixed or range numeric values
  • furniture fittings by length, height, width numerical ranges and fixed material types
  • drive belts by length, width, teeth quantity, material
  • plumbing fittings by diameter numerical ranges and fixed material types
  • gears and bearings by diameters and height fixed numeric values

To make this possible, you need in advance prepare settings:

  • set criteria in collection
  • set parameters in products
  • update collection cache

If collection have criteria, on top online store collection page, above product list, you can see control panel with parameters selecting fields and you able quick select products by range or fixed parameter values (see how it looks on our production store Demo URL). The range parameter is considered only if both fields are used. Visible panel will by hidden if you deleted all criteria on collection setup page or clear theme during app uninstalling.

Custom product recommendations:

Also you can link products by adding custom recommended product (or product list) to any current product. Right there in the added product, you can add the next recommended one, and so on, connecting products in a logical chain according to properties that may be important for the user

Additional filters

Another feature is a stock availability and tags filter

Online Store 2.0 compatible

At this time Parameterizer being migrated to Online Store 2.0 (JSON template) technology due new Shopify requirements, for more reliable performance and more safely install/ uninstall process. You need update collection template according Shopify's official "Migrating a theme to Online Store 2.0" instruction. It is quite possible to very quickly (in 20 minutes) update your old Simple/Debut theme to work with Parameterizer. With Dawn theme Parameterizer works out of the box (see our production store Demo URL). Admin link with detailed theme setup instruction included on app UI. If you have any difficulties, please contact us for help. Individual assistance in setting up the Parameterizer is possible. Welcome suggestions for improving the app

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Launch date
July 12, 2021
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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