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Seamless order fulfillment over cloud


Paragon Fulfillment - End-to-End fulfillment solution for your business

Paragon Fulfillment Inc is a web-based platform, enabling the clients to have its client portal integrated with their shopping carts or order management systems for seamless daily order fetching, tracking information against the placed/shipped orders, keeping track of the in-stock inventory and extracting all the necessary reports. Following are the key features of our app.

  1. Order Fulfillment

    • Forward your daily orders automatically to our shipping portal through your Shopify store.
    • Get same day tracking information for shipped orders.
  2. Inventory Management

    • In-Hand inventory updates available in real-time.
    • To and fro inventory movements updates.
  3. Fulfillment Records Management

    • Consolidated reports of fulfillment till date.
    • Reports about unfulfilled/pending orders due to stock unavailability.
    • Easy access for your customer support team to view order details through our portal.
    • Readily available orders tracking information.
  4. Effective Order Movement tracking:

    • Readily available orders tracking information.
    • Track your orders on one click through our portal.
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Launch date
November 19, 2019

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