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AutoSync Order Tracking Info to PayPal.Release Payment Faster

About TrackiPay is now Paltrack

AutoSync PayPal Order Tracking : Auto-Sync Shipped order tracking data to PayPal in real-time. Reduce PayPal hold and get your PayPal Payment faster.

Build Confidence with PayPal : Paltrack submits valid tracking information for shipped orders instantly. Keeping your store process transparent gives your customers peace.

Less Chargebacks and Disputes : By using Paltrack, your customers will have easy access to PayPal Tracking information which enables them to track their orders shipment.

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PayPal Tracking info sync app

Paltrack - The PayPal tracking info sync app, AutoSync Order Tracking Info to PayPal.Release PayPal Payment Faster.

Less Chargeback, Disputes & Refund Request on PayPal

Paltrack automatically sync shipped orders tracking information between your store and your PayPal account instantly and frees you from unwanted disputes and chargeback requests.

Stop worrying about manually updating order tracking information to your PayPal Account- Paltrack will do it all for you.

Why Store Owners and Dropshippers Trust Us.

Meets Paypal’s Seller Protection Requirements

Adding Tracking information is a mandatory requirement to qualify for this program. With Paltrack you will be able to meet all Paypal conditions by automatically submitting tracking information from your store to your Paypal payment provider and preventing you from fraud and minimizing claims and chargeback requests.

Reduced PayPal Account Reserved

Paltrack protects overall your store's back-end process. By using Paltrack, you will be Submitting Paypal's requirements. This means less rolling reserve and fewer issues for you.

Proof of Shipments and Delivery

Paltrack submits valid tracking information per order which allows your customers to track their order shipments easily.

Customers Satisfaction and Loyalty

Paltrack assures the timely and efficient completion of your customer's order. By Automating the submission of tracking information to PayPal in Real-Time will give your consumers the freedom to verify the status of their orders.

How Paltrack Can Help You Save Time and Money?

  • STRAIGHT ONE-PLAN and No Tracking Numbers Limit
  • Lower Rolling Reserve and more cash flow for you.
  • Syncing of PayPal tracking numbers on autopilot results in a quicker release of Paypal Funds.
  • Protects you from Chargebacks & PayPal Disputes.
  • User-Friendly, Clear, and functional dashboard with real-time updating.
  • Can SYNC OLD ORDERS up to 10,000 orders prior to app installation
  • EASY SET-UP & No complicated processes.
  • UPDATE carrier name to one officially supported by Paypal for the Faster release of Paypal Payment.
  • Saves you from tedious manual work; Everything is 100% automated.
  • Supports ROI and PayPal Seller Protection through auto-syncing of valid tracking numbers

Paltrack: The easiest way to get started.

  • Start with an extensive 14- DAY TRIAL period
  • SUPER EASY - Less than a minute Set-up
  • UNLIMITED Tracking Number Sync
  • REAL-TIME SYNC to Paypal

Maximize your store's potential. Click “ Add App “ Now and Get Your ROI faster than ever.

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June 15, 2021
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