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About Pakex Courier

Dashboard : In Dashboard Screen, you can find all the orders booked with Pakex Courier Services and New Bookings, which are not yet picked up.

New Orders List : In this screen, you can find all the orders which are not yet fulfilled. You can choose multiple orders and click on Process Orders.

Booked Orders & bulk Invoice : All the processed orders will be fulfilled by Pakex Courier Services. You can choose multiple orders and print bulk invoices or labels.


This Shopify App has been built to make fulfillment processes easier for Pakex Courier Customers, on the Shopify platform. To allow businesses to be more efficient, Pakex Courier has developed this App for merchants to be able to push their bulk orders after verification into their Portal.

Once submitted, the orders can also be tracked from the app without having to leave the website, ideal for store managers who want to allow limited access to other users in other interfaces.

This plugin was the need of the hour when Online stores are booming.

Through this App, you will be able to Use existing Pakex Courier API’s to push bulk orders to Pakex Courier Portal, push single orders to Pakex Courier Portal as well as can track the order on the Shopify Content Management System

Note: In order to use this plugin, you will need to have your API credentials handy (provided in the Pakex Courier Portal.).

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April 01, 2022
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