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Pickup points, order exports, automatic sync (COD compatible)

About Zásilkovna Pick‑up Points

Seamless Zásilkovna Experience : Your customers choose their favourite pickup point, and you just lay back and let the app do the rest. No manual input is needed.

Stress-free Synchronisation : With a couple of clicks, you are ready to ship the orders with our app. Export from Shopify and import made simple!

Better Conversion Rates : Offer this super popular and inexpensive shipping method so your customers have no objections when reaching the checkout.

Packeta Zásilkovna Zásielkovňa Csomagküldő Przesyłkownia Coletăria
Pick-up point selector widget and map by Zásilkovna (Packeta)

Enjoy the benefits of integrating Packeta into your store!

Our integration with Packeta - also known as Zásilkovna / Zásielkovňa / Csomagküldő / Przesyłkownia and Coletăria - is a revolution in the way of making your products reach your customers.

Gone are the days of shipping items to your home or office and not being able to collect them at your will. Nowadays, customers demand options, and they want to be able to pick up their order when and where it pleases them the most.

With our integration, you can use Packeta to enable these added services. Give your customers the most comfortable shipping method available by installing this app.

How does it work?

It's straightforward to set up the app. In a few moments after installing it, you'll have your Packeta account easily connected with your Shopify store.

If you struggle at any step, check our FAQ page or reach out directly to us. We are certified Shopify Experts, so no question is too much for us to handle.

Key features

Pickup point selector map

After finishing a purchase, customers can easily select their favorite pickup point through a map modal on the thank you page. After that, they'll see the address of the chosen location.

Custom emails

If for some reason, your customers forget to choose a pickup point on the thank you page, they'll see a button on the order confirmation email reminding them to do it. They can simply click on it and choose their preferred pickup point.

Email reminders

You can send automatic emails to your customers reminding them to choose their pickup point in case they haven't yet! The email and its schedule is easily customizable!

Identify pickup point status with automatic tags

When a customer chooses Zásilkovna (Packeta) as their shipping method, we automatically tag their order with the pickup point selection status:

  • unselected
  • selected
  • fulfilled
  • canceled

Your logistics team will thank you! They'll be able to seamlessly filter your orders based on those statuses and act accordingly.

Exports in CSV

Ready to ship your products? Select the orders you want to fulfill and click on the export button. This will generate a CSV file that you can use to import the orders into Packeta, and have an overview of the orders before you ship them.

COD compatible

Do you offer cash on delivery as a payment option? If yes, our solution helps you leverage Packeta for that.

_**Note**_ - to do its job - we transmit to Packeta s.r.o. (Zásilkovna) - the following data:

Order nr; Recipient's: Name, email, Phone, and address; If is COD;Currency; Value of order; Pickup point id;

Continuous improvement

We're working on many more features. If you have feedback and suggestions, let us know. We'd love to hear them!

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September 08, 2021
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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