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About SafeShop Trusted Badge

Verified, Certified, Protected : Don't just get verified get protected. Confidence starts with trust. Let customers know you've gone the extra mile to keep them protected.

SafeShop Trusted Promise : Our expandable badge lets customers know they are being protected by the leading security software used to protect Fortune 500 companies.

Always Protected : Customize your badge to fit the best size and position for your design. otto SafeShop is protecting your site & shoppers from hackers 24/7.

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Start secure & stay secure.

Now that you’re ready to tell customers about your cool new online store, don’t forget to make sure you show them the love by starting off with a solid security plan. As an entrepreneur, you’re used to taking risks, but security risks that could damage your brand reputation and customer trust are the kind of risks you can and should avoid, at all costs. Communicating your commitment to security is the first step in speed to trust and speed to checkout.

At otto, we believe in democratizing security - that everyone should have the freedom to browse and interact on the internet safely.

Security is a shared responsibility and for good reason.

You’ve started out on the right road to success by choosing one of the world’s leading eCommerce platforms with a great reputation for taking security seriously, but remember the journey has just begun.

Here are just a few of the types of modern risks that create the biggest challenges for online stores and shoppers:

  • Data skimming
  • Data leaks
  • DOM-based XSS
  • Malicious code injections

The leading causes of these attacks aren’t caused typically by security flaws or vulnerabilities in the back-end platforms, but actually by code flaws brought in by customizations, third-party vendors, and out-of-date jQuery libraries.

With great customization comes great responsibility.

No one expects you to become a security expert but taking the extra care to protect your customers doesn’t mean you have to be.

Install otto SafeShop to enable an extra layer of security for you and your customers. Automated security monitoring and protection from common attacks provide the peace of mind for you to grow your business. Add custom functionality and business intelligence code, analytics, ads, and other service-based application code (Third-Party JavaScript) and otto SafeShop will provide the real-time monitoring, detection, and protection you need to keep your site secure.

Consumers are far more likely to buy online – from brands they know and trust.

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February 26, 2021
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