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Focus on order fulfillment. Pick, pack and fulfill orders

About Ordersify Pick, Pack & Fulfill

Pick, pack, and fulfill orders : Stay your warehouse organized and cleaned by picking, packing, and fulfilling your orders on one platform without mistakes.

Customize your store branding : Customize and print picking slips, packing slips, invoices with your store branding, translations, and taxes with multiple options.

Automate to update tracking : Automatically update your tracking numbers, fulfillments frequently or update via event triggers or integrations that Ordersify supports.


Why choose Ordersify Auto Fulfill Orders?

With Ordersify, our goal is to help merchants to pick, pack, and fulfill orders to Shopify easier and faster, so you don’t need to waste time to fulfill each order manually.

Design and customize templates with your branding

You can build professional templates for your orders by updating the store information, date-time, currency standard from the setting page, also configuring the template options. If you need more advanced options for your templates or customize them, you can contact us via live chat or support email.

Do with the bulk of orders

Fulfill and print many orders at once without mistakes by just clicking one link. It will help you process your orders faster and easier.

Print all documents you need

All documents, picking slips, packing, and invoices are what you need, Ordersify prints all documents with only one-click.

Keep activity logs and history 30 days

Every fulfillment will be logged to the history and you can view history and download spreadsheet files anytime you want. All history will keep 30 days for you.

Support multiple locations

You can fulfill for only one location or multiple locations with Ordersify by choosing which location that you want to fulfill from automation.

Advanced options for fulfillment

Before fulfilling orders, you can set up options to fulfill orders to fulfill exactly and fit with your business, such as: *Send emails to customers after fulfill? *Prevent missing tracking number *The default location if not set

Support multiple providers

Ordersify supports many popular clients for fulfilling orders, such as FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Sheet, you can comfort to choose any client with your business that you and your vendors are using.

Support effectively

If you need help with setting up your automation, please check the FAQ or contact us 24/7 via the support email or submit a ticket in the Help Center.

Support multiple languages

Ordesify supports over 10 popular languages including English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian, French, etc. If Ordersify doesn’t support your language, you still can update your translation from the translation page or get contact us.

Support multiple currencies

Our app helps you to create invoices in the same currency your customers used while shopping in your store or the primary currency of your business.

Support POS devices

The app was built to optimize for POS devices and mobile, so you can create your documents for orders from anywhere.

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September 10, 2020
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