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About Ordergami

Run your B2B Company : From Suppliers to Purchase Orders, Inventory, Sales Orders, Order Processing, Shipping, Invoicing, Customers & more...

Multi Source Orders Processing : Quickly process all your orders with clicks of the button, from multiple sources, all in one location.

Inventory Management : Stop losing track of what you have and what you need! Get up-to-date visibility and control over your Companies inventory.

Stripe Shipping Carriers

Your Complex Business folded into 1 Simple Thing!

Ordergami handles you entire business workflow; Suppliers, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Sales Orders, Order Processing/Management , Shipping, Invoices, Payments, Customers, Intelligent Reporting and more.


We start where you start, your suppliers. Purchase Orders are automatically emailed to supplier for easy confirmation and allow for direct messaging for any changes or update. Ordergami’s Supplier Relationship Manager (SRM) is an easy way to check order statuses, order history, pending balances and more!

Purchase Orders

Easy to create, easy to receive. Our Purchase Order List pages makes it easy to see all your open Purchase Orders, if a supplier has confirmed them, if they are past due and gives you the ability to receive them all in one place. When creating a Purchase Order you can see supplier specific items with current stock availability, making ordering the correct items from the correct supplier easier than ever. View live-stock status when creating your purchase orders as well as you min/max stock requirements so you know what items you really need, how many and when.


Stop losing track of what you have and what you need! Get up-to-date visibility and control over you inventory. Ordergami will be the centralized core of you company’s inventory, keeping stock levels in check as you sell across online and offline channels.

Sales Orders

Create Sales Order like its 2020, because it is! Our single page Sales Order creation interface makes creating orders a breeze. Ordergami’s category feature and our intelligent search bar makes finding and adding items to an order easier than ever. The days of remembering and entering items by SKU one at a time are over. With product images, you can easily locate products and add them to an Order with a click of the mouse, reducing the time and errors.

Order Processing

Ordergami’s revolutionary “Processing List Page” allows you to Quickly process your orders with clicks of the button, and all in one place. Order processing has never been easier, faster or more accurate.


Stop searching multiple sites to get your customer their best rates! Ordergami allows you to see all connected carrier rates in an instant. Shipping discounts and live tracking makes pleasing your customers easier than ever.


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July 26, 2021
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