Shopify App : OrderEZ

Track orders and inventory across multiple sales channels


This app is created for merchants that are using both Shopify and OrderEZ platforms. It is initiated as an OrderEZ integration and after connecting provides auto-updates in the background. The main goal is to make OrderEZ a single point for tracking orders and product inventory across multiple sales channels (e-commerce, wholesale, etc.) and ensure that inventory on Shopify is up-to-date.

Main features

  • Update inventory levels on Shopify based on inventory levels on OrderEZ

OrderEZ supports inventory management and stocktaking and serves as a selling point for wholesale orders. This integration will allow Shopify inventory levels to be up-to-date with inventory changes made based on orders from other channels, as well as manual inventory updates.

  • Automatically send orders from Shopify to OrderEZ

Orders created in Shopify will automatically be sent to OrderEZ based on user-defined rules in settings. It will allow merchants to have one place for checking new orders awaiting fulfillment, products' availability, and sales reports.


In order to support the main features, this integration allows a user to configure:

  • Warehouse mapping

Map OrderEZ warehouses to Shopify appropriate inventory locations, to ensure proper inventory level updates for each location.

  • Product mapping

Map single Shopify product sold as a bundle to multiple OrderEZ products, so inventory is tracked for each product separately on OrderEZ, and the bundle quantity is automatically calculated and updated in Shopify. Map multiple Shopify products sold in different quantities (single bottle, six-pack, etc.) to a single OrderEZ product, so inventory is tracked for a single product on OrderEZ, and different variants' quantities are automatically calculated and updated in Shopify.

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Launch date
May 02, 2022

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