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About Socioh: Facebook ads that work

Ridiculously Easy : Set up in under 5 minutes. Get custom campaigns based on your store’s data. Unlock proven retargeting, prospecting & full-funnel strategies.

Insanely Powerful : Grab attention with Branded Catalogs - unprecedented automation for your product feed. Used by many ad agencies to improve ROAS.

Stunningly Accurate : Enjoy unbiased tracking with your own first-party pixel. Always know when to shut or scale an ad with predictive recommendations.

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Is Socioh for you?

Socioh was developed for merchants, by merchants. It is ideal for founder-led stores looking to start & scale advertising. We also provide advanced tools for Agencies.

Shopify stores are getting much better ROAS with Socioh’s campaigns.

Advertising isn’t easy. You need to figure out audiences, creatives, budget, placement, format...and then analyze & update your strategy daily. At Socioh, we get this.

We have taken decades of combined advertising experience & created simple, profitable campaign recommendations for you.

Most importantly, these are not generic suggestions - they are based on your store’s own data.

Our machine learning algorithms work with our human expertise to deliver personalized recommendations for your store & your buyers!

Stay up-to-date with best practices

Not only are Socioh’s campaigns personalized to your store, but they are always up-to-date with what’s currently working on Facebook.

Each campaign includes tips on how to:

  • structure the campaign,
  • select the creative, and
  • manage the budget for best performance.

Grab attention with Branded Catalogs

The Branded Catalog is a unique technology developed by Socioh. It offers unprecedented control over Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) & is proven to improve click-through-rate (CTR).

Get 100s of professionally designed, editable templates for your Meta/Facebook product feed. Easily add any rule-based automation to your DPAs.

Some of the ways in which brands are using Branded Catalogs:

  • Lifestyle/custom images: Pull secondary or uploaded images to your DPA
  • Dynamic discounts: Automatically show each product’s discount
  • Strike-through price: Show cut-out original price plus highlighted sale price
  • Buy Now, Pay Later: Highlight affordability by including BNPL options
  • Reviews (social proof): Automatically pull product reviews from your store
  • Retail holidays: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Graduation - update your catalog for each Holiday or event
  • Bestsellers: Create a catalog of your best-selling products or categories
  • Background removal & gradients: Automatically replace white background with on-brand colors

Track reliably with the Socioh pixel

iOS14 has made it hard to tell which campaigns, which ad sets, or which creatives are working.

The new Socioh pixel reliably tracks every add-to-cart & sale on your website. We’ll even predict which ads are likely to tank so you never waste your budget.

Target profitably with AI-based audiences

Discover highly-qualified custom audience segments for your brand.

Socioh automatically ranks all your past purchasers according to how ‘valuable’ they are for your brand. This means you only target the most profitable customers and their Lookalikes.

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November 13, 2017
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