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About OpenPath Payments

Enhance Your Brand : Add your custom text and images to your payment page to embed your brand with customers.

Control The Payment Experience : Add custom HTML and CSS to your payment page for an enhanced customer experience. Add more products at the point of payment.

Improve Ease of Payment : Add convenience for your customers by allowing them to pay with more than one card using SplitPay+

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OpenPath Payments should be used if you want to connect any number of payment processors to your Shopify store and automatically control the flow of transactions, optimize acceptance rates, prevent fraudsters and much more.

  • Control multiple processing accounts seamlessly.
  • Utilize payment provider backups during any downtime to keep your sales completing 100% of the time.
  • Get alerts when your payments system needs your attention.
  • Prevent fraudulent “card testing” attacks with blacklisting and velocity filters
  • Improve acceptance rates with intelligent cascading.
  • Avoid exceeding processing account limits on declines, chargebacks and revenue.
  • Stay compliant with regulations (e.g. only sell to certain states or countries) with gee-fencing rules.

Let us grow your business by taking all the pain out of payments.

Please go to our signup page to create a new OpenPath account and get your processing protected and optimized.

Automatic Routing

Route your transactions to the correct processors based on products, currency, and other various parameters.

Failover Processing

Allow alternate MIDs to take over when you reach limits or when processing accounts go offline. Automatically share your traffic among your most suitable MIDs.

Critical Alerts

Know when items need attention. From MID caps to critical decline percentage, you can stay on top of those problems.

Fraud Filtering

Identify potentially fraudulent transactions, and automatically filter them out before they reach your processors.

Chargeback Management

Prevention, Avoidance, and Remediation. We have the features that can help define your chargeback strategy.

Deep Data on Every Transaction

Get supplied with more information on every sale to provide to your gateways or processors so that your business flow can improve.

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January 18, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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