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Grow Sales : This app will allow your catalogue of merchandise to be resold by top online stores and Retailers globally, increasing sales and revenue

Easy to Use : Using this app and getting set up is really simple. Once it's downloaded, click one button and you're entire catalog gets uploaded.

Perfect synchronization : Once your products are successfully imported, any changes to your catalog in your store will be reflected in your supplier account.


Open Coast is a sourcing and fulfillment marketplace, connecting suppliers of premium merchandise to online stores globally.

All too often, Suppliers are looking for new Buyers and ReSeller partners to transact with but until now, there was neither an app nor a viable marketplace that would allow them to do so. The extension allows for a free flow of goods between Suppliers and Retailers while using a trusted 3rd party marketplace as the intermediary to handle payments, customer service, returns, product cataloging, inventory management, and a host of other essential features.

This is for Suppliers (Brands, Wholesalers, Authorized Resellers, etc)—meaning they have inventory they are looking to sell; this app gives them the ability to find Buyers for that merchandise. It's the most cost-effective way to expand into new markets, reach millions of new customers, and grow sales. Suppliers enjoy immediate payment for any sold inventory and don't have to worry about delays or payment schedules.

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October 01, 2020
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