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About OPay Payment Gateway

Easy installation process : Follow simple steps to activate your OPay account and complete the installation steps, so that you can quickly start your business journey

Various payment methods : Provide a variety of payment methods, including Bank card, Reference code, Mobile wallets, Shahry, ValU and Bank installation

Advanced security technology : Support a secure payment gateway service, which makes every transaction safe and ensures the health and insurance of your business activity

OPay provide a simple, fast and secure payment experience

Opay is a leading Fintech company offering a set of unique and innovation services and solutions for scalable business and customer. OPay payment gateway plugin conveniently connects merchants and customers closely, enabling merchants to achieve business purposes more quickly and meet business expectations. It also provides a variety of payment methods for customers to best use.

1. Fast onboarding process

The onboarding access process could be quickly completed, register as a merchant with a few steps, and quickly achieve the registration purpose through clear registration and access instructions.

2. Smart Merchant Dashboard

Through the personal operation panel, it is easy to monitor the analysis data such as customers, transactions and revenue gain. Track customer dynamics through data display; clearly manage your gain and make quick payments.

3. Advanced security technology to escort payment

Technical security keeps your transactions more smooth and safety. It bring you the secure and successful transaction anytime, with the best global coverage payment solution.

4. Provide professional technical support services

Professional technical guidance, providing necessary technical support when you need help. You can not only find relevant technical support documents on our official website, but also contact our professional experts for help.

5. Support various payment methods

Including: Bank card, Reference code, Mobile wallet, Shahry, ValU and Bank Installment.Each payment method will give you a different experience.

Bank card:

Bank card payment provides a simple and convenient payment method. You only need to add the Cardholder's name, CVV and Expire date to complete the payment.

Reference code:

Using the reference code payment method, you could realize online operation and offline store payment. Make payment localized and more flexible.


Provide convenient installment payment and installment payment of different periods. Connect the payment needs of merchants and users in a flexible way.


Provide consumers with convenient payment methods, and convenient installment payment allows customer to reduce the payment burden,empower with the financial solution you need that is within your capacity.

Mobile wallets:

Easy access and fast payment methods make it easier for customers to pay. Only need to collect customer information and quickly complete the payment through scan QR code.

Bank installment:

OPay provide consumers with convenient Bank Installment payment methods.It is an agreement where the payer authorizes the payment for a single purchase to be split into a number of payments processed at agreed intervals. For example, pay for a purchase in six monthly installments.

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April 19, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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