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About Google SignUp: Email Opt‑in

One Tap Signup : Using Google's One Tap Signup visitors can share email id using a single tap. You can even incentivize them by offering discounts.

Capture More Emails : Visitors don't need to manually enter their email id. This is one of the highest converting methods to get your store visitors email ids.

Expand your email list : Expand your email list by collecting lots of email addresses from your store visitors using Google's one tap signup.

Google One Tap Sign Up

What's common between TripAdvisor, Medium and Kayak? They all use Google's One Tap Signup technology. Google's one tap signup allows store visitors to sign up on your store and share their name and email id with a single tap.

You can also incentivize them to sign up with a discount code which is generated dynamically by us, in average we see about 5% of the store visitors sharing their email id when offered a signup discount.

How it works?

Most store visitors are logged in on their Google (Gmail) accounts when they browse through the Internet. When someone logged into Google visits your website, the app shows a sign up popup on top right (desktop) or bottom (mobile) with a list of google accounts on which store visitor is logged in. Users just have to tap on their account to sign up using it.

Better than Email Popups

Most stores use email popups to ask store visitors their email id. Customers have to type in their email id, which is quite inconvenient. With One Tap Google, the customer just needs to tap on their name/email popup from Google to share their email with stores.

Why Implement Google One Tap Login?

Here are some of the success stories of the early adopters of Google's one-tap sign-up technology.

  • Hipmunk found that by using one-tap sign-up, registered user sign in went up by 118% and new user sign up increased by 115%.
  • Anghami reports that 50% of users who are presented the option to sign up with one tap take it.
  • Wego doubled the rate of new user registrations and increased the number of daily signed-in users by 1200% after adding one-tap sign-up to their site.

Email List

You can build your email list from store visitors and export the CSV and import into Email Marketing apps like MailChimp, OmniSend, ActiveCampaign etc.

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