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Connect OMS ERP with Pavo for automation

About Pavo

Automation : With Pavo, you can automate your orders from Shopify into OMS ERP to prevent manually exporting and importing between the two systems.

Accuracy across channels : Pavo uploads inventory from your OMS system to all sales channels you sell to, whether it's a wholesaler or D2C like Shopify.

Tight Integration : Pavo is tightly integrated with OMS, so has all the live settings from OMS that you will need for your Shopify store.

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Pavo can automate your orders, inventory, and fulfillment between Shopify and OMS/Pavo. Save time from importing and exporting CSVs from OMS and have Pavo send all data between sites in real-time.

Pavo can automate the following:

  • Orders from Shopify to OMS

  • Inventory from OMS to Shopify in real-time

  • Invoices/Tracking Numbers from OMS to Shopify in real-time

Stay in sync with OMS

OMS and Pavo are tightly linked and always in sync. Ensure that your data between Shopify and OMS are always up to date with Pavo so that you don't oversell on your Shopify site.

All-in-one with OMS

With OMS ERP, you have a one-stop solution for order management, inventory management, fulfillment, accounting, and much more. With Pavo connected to OMS, you can fetch rates, print labels, and allocate inventory in your warehouse all in one app, without needing to work with other applications or services.

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Launch date
October 12, 2022

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