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All-in-one business features, build up a B2B website agilely

About Omni Bizify

Thinking in business : A professional B2B website should provide the customers and potential customers a great image, interface and experience to interact with.

All-in-one feature suite : Provides features for all the business scenarios for 1) inquiry-quote-order, 2) wholesale (pricing & MOQ) 3) sample products order

Content to professional : Provides listing content enhancement, editing and organizing the professional content of capability, workflow, assessment & certifications


All-in-one business 2 business website feature suite

Omni Bizify provides b2b style website a quick implement suite of features to enable business workflow, logic strategies, user experience.

  • Business modes of traditional B2B website

    1. INQUIRY-QUOTE-TRANSACTION. Customers and potential customers may view the website and send an inquiry with their further detail requirements and things want to know if they are interested with something. The company who hosts the website may quote according to the inquiry, the two parties may make a deal (online or offline) if the quote is accepted by both.
    2. WHOLESALE. More and more companies purchase with e-commerce directly, especially for the standard items and services. From the website, customers learn anything they want to know from the listing. The wholesale pricing broken down by order quantity or value is most important for conversion of the wholesale customers.
    3. SAMPLE PRODUCT ORDER. Before a formal transaction, customers may need to know the actual quantity and looking of the products they are interested with. And sample product may be a specific designed sample kits, collection of materials to show the color / texture / technology.
  • Major difference of listing contents between B2B and B2C

    • Compared to B2C website, B2B customers are much more professional and the transaction deal value is always very big. So customers may need to learn much more information of the company who hosts the website and products / services. Professional contents like manufactory capability, industrial standards assessments and certifications, technology specifications, downloadable digital documents, videos of instructions, etc. would be more important for the customers to make decision.

Key features Omni Bizify offers

  1. Inquiry

    • Inquiry leads management, supports status, assignment to sales people, forward to a draft order
    • Inquiry form design, supports image banner, information to be collected from customer inquiry; supports questionnaire, submission page design.
  2. Wholesale

    • Wholesale discount, supports discount group by order quantity or value, can be applied to all products, collections or specific products.
    • MOQ, supports setting minimum order quantity for specific collection, products when sell on wholesale, verify if the MOQ criteria met in shopping cart check out.
  3. Sample

    • Bundle a sample product to specific collections, products and set the sample order button looking.
  4. Listing content enhancement

    • Set with rich text editor tools, category with tab, enable links for downloading and image, video content.
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December 23, 2020
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