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About Omisell

Grow Your Sales : Easily expand your sales channels locally and globally. Omisell connects to more than 50 partners and marketplaces all around the world.

More Efficient : Increase your team’s management capacity by up to 25% using Omisell. We provided fully management tools and third-party apps.

Convenience : Keep track of all your sales movements. Setup Omisell within 2 minutes and watch your numbers skyrocket.

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  • About Omisell

Omisell is a multi-channel management platform focusing on Southeast Asia region with the purpose of optimizing sellers’ operations. Omisell is created to solve inventory problems, manage multi-channel sales (online & offline), operations, shipping, etc. Especially, Omisell integrates with hundreds of reputable partners in the Southeast Asia region to provide the solution, assisting sellers to manage their business on a single platform.

  • Our Mission

Our mission is to make it fast and easy to do business in digital commerce. We build software solutions and provide services that empower our customers to manage the business effectively, make smart decisions, and automate business operations with the power of data & technologies.

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December 01, 2020
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Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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Omisell Announcement: Change & Upgrade advanced inventory systems according to the promotion

[2022/09/21 07:27:40]

Managing advanced inventory systems is one of the business solutions that can be used to bring the best shopping experience to its customers. The promotions always attract users to shop. At the same time, it is also the most common tool to promote the development of the industry and E-commerce businesses.

Set up your Omisell account

[2021/09/19 07:49:57]

Personal information settings After logging in to Omisell, you need to set up personal information to be able to use the features on the system. Go to Settings in the lower-left corner of the screen -> Profile -> Fill in personal information in the blank box.

Benefits of using Omisell

[2021/09/19 07:20:36]

Sales management software is no longer a strange phrase for business owners, especially in the era where online sales are booming like today. Having sales management software not only gives businesses convenience and simplicity in the management process but also helps promote business more smoothly.

Top 4 online business ideas in 2021 during the Covid pandemic

[2021/09/13 03:09:42]

The Covid pandemic lasted for a long time, causing the global economy to fall into a serious recession. Many industries had to stop working to limit the spread of the disease. However, in the general difficulties, there are still bright spots in the economy to overcome the pandemic.

Frequently asked questions when using Lazada

[2021/09/08 06:02:51]

Should you sell on Lazada?As one of the first e-commerce platforms in Vietnam since 2012, Lazada is a sales channel trusted by many customers, especially LazMall – where brands open genuine booths to distribute products.Currently, Lazada has many policies to support sellers the platform to compete with Shopee.

How to create bundle/combo in Omisell?

[2021/09/06 03:59:20]

Creating bundle Before creating a bundle, you are required to sync all products from (e-commerce and sales) platforms first, then you can link to the products inventories because when the order is synced from the platforms, only then Omisell would notice the bundle (multiple products in order) and hence Omisell can adjust inventories accordingly.

What Should You Know Before Selling On Lazada Internationally

[2021/09/06 03:18:48]

The year 2020 marks a leap in the development of the global e-commerce market, especially in Southeast Asia. Here, Lazada with nearly 200 million visits per month, has become one of the most popular online shopping sites.Lazada has helped sellers shorten the distance to foreign markets for sellers with the policy of Lazada International sellers.

Instructions on the process of returned goods and updating inventory to Omisell

[2021/09/01 09:11:01]

Selling online is inevitable that you have to receive some refund orders from buyers for many reasons. However, when you are at a large scale, this is not easy to control closely. We will introduce you to the process and how to use the Omisell system to control and reconcile refund orders.

Omisell Updates August-2021

[2021/08/31 07:23:20]


Omisell Updates July-2021

[2021/08/31 07:06:50]

The Promotion/Flash Sales application will help you create Flash Sale programs – discounts in certain time frames, which help your business: Increase the number of visits Push inventory Increase sale revenue To create Promotions and Flash Sale programs, you need to install the Promotion/Flash Sale application.

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