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Integrate Your Store with Olivery platform

Integrate Your Store with Olivery platform

Integrate Your Store with Olivery platform

Olivery platform is one stop shop for all logistics solutions, it uses the top technologies to enhance your logistics and financial operations. A lot of delivery companies trust Olivery platform to manage their orders.

Once you install Olivery app you can send a copy of your orders to Olivery platform, this will make things easier for those who use Olivery platform to manage their orders.

After installing Olivery app you will be able to see a bulk action button named 'Send to Olivery' in your orders dashboard, you can select multiple orders and then choose that action, then a copy of your orders information will be sent to Olivery platform, and then the platform will forward this information to the delivery company that you selected.

Then the delivery company that you selected will receive your order information , and this will enable them to handle it , send it to the customer and collect the amount of order total. You can add companies from the app dashboard.

Olivery app will help merchants who has Shopify store by putting all their needs in one place and doing their actions by one click, so they don't need to connect to Olivery platform manually to send their orders details.

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January 21, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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