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About Octopinion Reviews Analyst

Reviews Overview : Everyone is talking about your products online. We can keep you in the loop by showing which products have the best reviews.

Fast Integration : Octopinion Reviews Analyst will start processing product reviews right after installation. Integrates with Products Reviews App.

Reviews Insights : Get a better insight of your customer reviews to understand what they think about your products through the analysed data we provide.

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Octopinion Reviews Analyst

Get feedback from your customers' product reviews. Octopinion Reviews Analyst will record all customer reviews and process them right after its installation.

  • Filter all analysed reviews by product.
  • Know which products have more positive or negative reviews and monitor them throughout time.
  • See how products are performing in terms of negative or positive reviews looking at the top 10's.
  • Learn what your customers find positive or negative from your products by looking at the top 10 negative and positive words of each product.
  • Find special words such as your company name or your product brand that appear within the reviews to investigate what people are saying about them.
  • Get a better insight into your customers' opinions to make the correct marketing decisions.

Octopinion Reviews Analyst Integrations

Octopinion Reviews Analyst Integrates automatically with Shopify's Products Reviews App. Getting a better knowledge of your customers' reviews is just a few clicks away!

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January 21, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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