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Collect Customer Feedback for Attribution, Segmentation & CRO

About nudgem Post Purchase Surveys

Choose from 25+ Templates : Select a survey template, customize it & start collecting customer data post purchase to inform your business & marketing strategies.

Create Dynamic Surveys : Ask multiple questions, set up conditional logic among them and target specific segments of customers with our no-code editor.

Activate your Data : Pair questions with nudges, like social media prompts, to increase customer engagement & reward customers for providing you with feedback.

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Grow your eCommerce store by collecting actionable data directly from your customers

nudgem is the easiest way to create intuitive microsurveys for your order confirmation page. Collect data directly from your customers to inform business & marketing strategy and personalize the user journey. Use nudges (call-to-actions) after each question to increase customer engagement and reward your customers for providing you with valuable insights.

Solve your attribution problems, understand your customers’ preferences and collect feedback on your onsite or brand experience.

Get Free Access to Unlimited Surveys and Questions

Start using nudgem’s post purchase surveys and collect unlimited responses from your customers. Choose one of our 25+ Survey Templates, customize the copy and UI of the template, preview it and get it live in under 5 minutes.

Key features

  • Follow-up questions
  • Conditional Logic among different questions
  • Nudges, which are essentially call-to-actions, prompt your customers to take further actions, based on the responses they give you (birthday collector, social media prompts, redirects, brand videos)
  • Survey templates for all topics you want to collect feedback on (Attribution, Segmentation, Customer Research, Shopping Experience and Brand Positioning)
  • Detailed Analytics for making sense of your data
  • Easy-to-use Survey Editor
  • Export Survey Responses
  • No code, 1-click installation
  • Integration with Klaviyo to sync collected data with customer profiles and personalize your email and SMS campaigns

Start collecting customer data with our pre-built Templates for:

  1. Marketing Attribution (How did you hear about us?)
  2. Segmentation (Purchase Intent, Demographic questions, Frequency of using the product)
  3. Customer Research (Demographic questions, Product-related questions, Referral Intent)
  4. Shopping Experience (Overall onsite Experience, Website UI, Website Copy, Site Navigation)
  5. Brand Positioning (Brand Identity, Product Impact, Website Feel)
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June 17, 2022
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