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Personalized product collections that collect customer data

About nudgem Curated Collections

Guide your Visitors : Help shoppers find the most relevant products faster with short and personalised questions

Create unique Collections : Automatically create unique product collections for each visitor based on their preferences. Mix-n-match products from different collections

Collect Customer Data : Understand customers better by analysing their responses to your questions. Create more personalised journeys by sending data to Klaviyo


Curated Collections is the fastest and most intuitive way to guide shoppers to the most relevant products while collecting valuable zero-party data from them.

Ask your visitors questions regarding their preferences, instantly personalize product recommendations and create dynamic curated collections they can revisit at any point.

Launch a Curated Collection in minutes

  • Easily connect customer answers to your existing Product tags or Collections
  • Set up the logic between the different questions
  • Customize the look and feel of the widget to fit your brand and store
  • Embed your curated collection anywhere on your site by using app blocks

Faster than a Quiz. More intuitive than filters.

  • Unlike product quizzes, Curated Collections fit right into the shopping journey and don't require dedicated landing pages
  • Shoppers see instantly the recommended products updating based on their answers
  • The Q&A structure of Curated Collections makes even boring filtering questions, like "what's your size?", more interactive and conversational

Capture new leads and personalize your marketing strategy

  • Allow shoppers to save their Curated Collections, by sending them to their email
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October 12, 2022
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