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INNOVATION : Outsourcing helps brands innovate. Collaboration is a great way to engage with creatives, leaders, prominent figures

OUTREACH : Reach new geographies and demographics for brands can be costly and difficult. Collaboration is a great way to tap into a new audiences

STORYTELLING : Modern consumers are driven by purpose, culture and values. Collaboration helps build a genuine story behind the brand with clear values

Nucreed platform


Nucreed is a platform FOR authentic manufacturers / brands TO connect with communities / personalities / creatives / designers who share similar philosophies, cultures and values.

Our Framework matches interested parties to create and sell capsule collections of merch that tell stories against sharp points, conveying culture and values to audiences. Nucreed provides deeper involvement from both partners as opposed to traditional endorsements and sponsorships deals. Nucreed facilitates these collaborations from matching and contracting all the way through prototyping and production stages to sale. It structures and automates product creation flow in a manner that is transparent and beneficial to both parties.

Collaboration stages:

  1. Matching
  2. Suggesting Financial model for collaboration
  3. Contracting and securing License fees
  4. Product prototyping
  5. Product production
  6. Sales

Nucreed is not an e-commerce platform it facilitates collaboration and partners with your Shopify store for sales.


This app is designed to help pushing collaboration products you designed Nucreed platform to Shopify inventory and collect sales statistics to display in Nucreed so that both parties can see how they perform transparently without compromising your security and access to the store. It assumes 2 steps:

  1. Enter Integration Key provided by Nucreed for your collaboration
  2. Pull collaboraton products from Nucreed to your store
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Launch date
September 15, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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