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Offer your customers GLS, PostNord, Dao and Bring shipping

About Nordic Shipping Options

Popular pickup points : Let your customers choose between close pickup points from GLS, Bring, dao and Postnord in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Finland

Easy setup : No dependencies on any other site or data. Install and you are ready to offer your customers all the popular pickup points

Create shipping labels : Quick and easy to print shipping labels. Just click "Create Shipping Label" and you are ready to ship.

GLS Bring PostNord YourGls dao drop shipping

CSL Nordic Shipping Options

Parcelshops and pickup points are the most popular shipping option in Scandinavia - and now you can easily offer it to your customers.

You decide the price, the number of parcelshops/pickup points and the actual text to show. CSL Nordic Shipping Options (NSO) list the ones nearest to the entered delivery address and let the user choose the one they prefer during checkout.

After a user selects a pickup point, you can easily create a shipping label for that order by simply clicking "Create Shipping Label" inside Shopify Admin. All information is then automatically transferred to the shipping company and a label is created for you to print.

It even works with the majority of drop shippers. After the user selects a pickup point, the drop shipper can automatically read all the relevant information. Thereby enabling them to ship the order to the correct pickup point.

Setup is extremely simple and only takes a couple of minutes. Everything is handled directly in Shopify with no requirement for separate accounts in other systems. You can even try it out free for 10 days.

Supported carriers:

  • GLS parcel shops and home delivery in Denmark, Sweden and Germany
  • Bring pickup locations and home delivery in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland
  • PostNord service locations and home delivery in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland
  • DAO parcel shops and home delivery in Denmark

Nordic Shipping Options is currently used by shops in all sizes - from 5 orders a day to 500+!

This app only works for shops with "Third-party calculated shipping rates" and this is not part of every Shopify plan. If you are unsure whether your shop has this enabled, then you need to contact Shopify first. They are happy to open op for "Third-party calculated shipping rates" for any plan and it only takes 5 minutes. This is a Shopify requirement for any kind of custom shipping option!

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September 26, 2018
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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