Shopify App : Ultimate Front Security

Disable Right Click & Devtools & Best Selling Sorting

About Ultimate Front Security

Disable Best Sellers : Allowing your best-selling products to be stolen by your competitors is not a good idea! With only one click, you can secure it.

Protects images / text : To prevent picture theft, it disables dragging and dropping to save photos, as well as keyboard shortcuts and right clicks on the client.

Blocks Devtools : Stops bad users from messing with your website code and scripts.


This App Answers solve those Questions and problems :

  1. How can I disable people from searching /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling ?
  2. how to make my website a "Copy Protected" ?
  3. How to disable copy paste from newly created HTML pages?
  4. How to prevent people from RIGHT CLICK " SAVE IMAGE AS" on my images ?
  5. How to stop users from messing with my store scripts and especially facebook pixel script?
  6. How to disable browser developer tools or lock website when devtools is open?

What this app do :

  • Disable shopify best-Sellers
  • Disable Devtools
  • Disable Text Theft and Copying
  • Protect image download and theft

1. Disable shopify best-Sellers

It's ideal for any shop, but especially for AliExpress dropshippers, and it works with any theme or app.

Use this app to stop your store's bestselling products from being sorted! If someone tries to visit the URL for the bestselling goods directly, the application blocks the "?sort by=best-selling" parameter in URL and redirects the user to standard list of products.

This app is the ideal way to keep your greatest products safe from eyes from your competition!

2. Disable Devtools

Stop users from using devtools and stop them from messing with your website code and especially facebook pixel script

3 - Disable Text Theft and Copying

The Problem Anyone, even your competitors, may easily copy-paste your site's content and claim it as their own in most current browsers. Because content is king, having your text and photos published on other websites might hurt your SEO score, causing you to lose prospective consumers and income. Copyright lawsuits can take a long time and cost a lot of money.

4. Protect image download and theft

Protect Images: Disables right clicks Disables "Save As" and drag/drop

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Launch date
July 22, 2021
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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