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About Nifty Bridge

Mint your own NFTs : Nifty Bridge allows you to easily upload digital assets and mint them into NFTs in one click.

List NFTs for sale : Sell NFTs just like any other physical product on your storefront. Allow your customers to buy with the simple swipe of a credit card.

Simplify crypto : Nifty Bridge takes care of the complex pieces of NFTs and cryptocurrencies so you can focus on the fun stuff.


Unlock NFTs for your brand today.

Nifty Bridge is a direct to consumer NFT platform that allows you to create and sell NFTs all from your Shopify storefront. Before Nifty Bridge, the only way to sell NFTs was by listing them on third party websites like OpenSea and Rarible. Now, anyone can seamlessly sell their digital assets online to build a community and allow customers to own a piece of what makes you special.

Why Nifty Bridge?

  1. One click and go: Nifty Bridge integrates with your store seamlessly and allows you to create and mint an NFT with a single click. List and sell NFTs the same way you would any other physical product.

  2. Leave the tough stuff to us. Nifty Bridge uses both 1155 ETH and Polygon standards to allow for unlimited flexibility. We take care of all the authorship and minting behind the scenes. You get to focus on creating amazing digital experiences and leave the complex crypto processes to us.

  3. Track and analyze: Track your NFT sales and understand who your NFT holders are. Reach your audience in a whole new way through the use of digital tokens.

  4. Decentralized storage: One issue with most brands that create NFTs is that the actual asset is stored on a local server that could be changed, compromised, or deleted which would make the NFT useless. With Nifty Bridge, NFTs are stored on an InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) which allows for decentralized, immutable, and verifiable storage instantaneously. Creators can seamlessly push content into IPFS to create immutable links to the NFT's content and ensure it cannot be destroyed, changed, or altered. This keeps both you and your customers safe.

  5. Build community: Leverage the thousands of use cases for NFTs to build a community around your brand. Give NFT holders exclusive access to your brand. NFTs allow your customers to own a piece of what makes you special.

  6. Own the experience: Nifty Bridge ultimately allows you to control the experience of your NFTs and own the customer journey without fragmenting your audience using third party marketplaces.

  7. One-click-wallet creation: Allow your customers to onboard a wallet with a single click through their email. Avoid unnecessary friction and create a seamless path to purchase.

  8. Gated commerce: Use Nifty Bridge's NFT verification widget to gate content, products, and experiences for NFT holders. Provide value and community to your customers in new ways.

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September 17, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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