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Design, Sell, Mint and transfer NFTs to your consumers

About Venly NFT Creator (Polygon)

Create NFTs with ease : Design NFTs through a user friendly interface. Keep track of your different templates and choose at any time to turn them into products.

Mint NFTs on the fly : Easily mint NFTs for each successful order, and keep track of the process in a handy dashboard.

Send NFTs to your customers : Your customers don't require a blockchain wallet, NFTs are sent to their email address, where a blockchain wallet awaits them.

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Start selling NFTs in a matter of minutes

NFT Creator allows any merchant to start selling NFTs from their own Shopify store. Simple to use, fast to configure, and no need for a deep technical understanding of blockchain. The app was built to make it easy for merchants, to create, sell and distribute NFTs to a mainstream audience.

Built for a mainstream audience

Venly is the technology provider behind the service and is used to create the NFT within the store, generate a user-friendly blockchain wallet, and distributes the NFTs to the buyers' e-mail address for them to claim their wallet and/or NFT. Allowing merchants to sell NFTs to a large mainstream audience.


  • Create and edit NFTs via an easy to use interface
  • Use Shopify to keep track of your inventory or set a max supply on the NFT
  • Keep track of the status and delivery of your NFT orders
  • Mint only after a successful purchase
  • All NFTs follow the industry NFT standard and are unique
  • All your consumers automatically receive a blockchain wallet
  • NFTs are minted on the Polygon, an Ethereum based L2 side chain

How it works

  1. Merchants create an NFT template and make NFTs available as products.
  2. Merchants display products in their store for purchase.
  3. After purchase, the order will become visible in the app, under the ‘Orders’ tab.
  4. Merchants track the NFT minting and distribution status in the order section.


How many smart contracts can we create?

You are able to create one smart Contract. Depending on your plan, you can have several different NFT Templates to mint NFTs from. Each unique template would be tied to the same smart contract. Future updates to the app will enable you to create more than one contract.

What is an NFT Template?

An NFT template is essentially a template that you can use to mint NFTs off of. For example, you may have 3 different types of NFTs you want to create that all have different assets, names, and supplies. Each one would be considered an NFT Template.

How do we access the link to the smart contract?

Your smart contract link can be found within the NFT Details section of the NFT. Once you click ‘Edit’ for an NFT Template, you can find the ‘View Smart NFT Contract’. You can use this link on your product page to prove the NFT lives on the blockchain.

Can users pay with crypto if they want?

Yes, you are able to integrate with a crypto payment provider if you’d like to have that option for your users. Coinbase Commerce is a popular choice for integrating with Shopify.

How does the NFT get sent to the customer?

Once a user purchases the NFT, they will receive an email with their NFT already in a Venly wallet. The user simply has to click a link in the email to view and access their NFT.

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October 05, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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