Shopify App : NetSuite Integration

Sync Orders/Customers to NetSuite And Inventory from NetSuite

About NetSuite Integration

Easy Configuration : Easy to configure by following documentation.

Inventory Management : Manage inventories and prices from NetSuite.

Customer and Order Sync : All new customers and orders get auto synchronized into NetSuite


About the APP

NetSuite Integration synchronizes data between Shopify and NetSuite effortlessly. This fully automated real-time solution saves a lot of time and efficiently allows you to sync orders, customers and inventories automatically.

No need to worry about inaccurate data across systems anymore!

This app is installed on your Shopify dashboard, allows you to sync real-time customer/order information from Netsuite to Shopify based on various triggers. It also syncs the inventories from NetSuite to Shopify depending on SKU’s of the products.

Benefits of Using NetSuite Integration Plugin

  • Eliminates the hassle of inaccuracy in orders, customers, inventories and product data.

  • Get Clear visibility into customer purchasing history and buying behavior, directly from your NetSuite account

  • Streamlines fulfillment and provides excellent customer service via timely order fulfillment and delivery

  • Centralizes inventories across all warehouses and manage them from one system

  • Save your time and money

  • Completely automated data syncing

  • keep inventories updated, automatically

  • Effortless management of stock

  • Users can map Customer or Order Field data to NetSuite according to their requirements without the help of support.

  • Mapping of data can be done through conditional as well as by sending a fixed value.

Unique Features of NetSuite Integration Plugin

  • Admin can map NetSuite data like currencies, subsidiary, custom form, sales rep, classes,custom fields or any other NetSuite field with conditional mapping feature

  • Updates customers & orders from Shopify admin and get it updated at NetSuite as well

  • Sync Unlimited Orders

  • Real-Time order synchronization, connects Shopify with NetSuite to automate work

  • User-Friendly and easy to use with our free setup support available via email

  • Inventory and prices updates from NetSuite to Shopify

  • Exports Order totals, Taxes and Shipping charges with orders

  • Support conditional mapping for customer and order field on NetSuite be it a default or custom field

  • Support Currency Mapping

  • Error Logs available

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Launch date
March 09, 2020
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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