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Upsells & Landing Pages for True Sales Boost!

About Mygiftmagic

Automated landing pages : No more manually constructing landing pages. Our AI automatically analyzes your inventory to curate products for each audience.

Boost your conversions : Integrated "Send as a gift" button allows your customers to seamlessly gift to their friends & relatives!

Drive customers to your site : GiftMagic upsells above friends and relatives to drive them to your site and become new customers with repetitive purchases.

Giftmagic Interface

Boost your sales as never before!

  • GiftLandings: automated landing pages with AI build inventory optimized for events & audiences of your choice! GiftEngine analyzes your inventory & automatically makes event & audience specific sets of products. They target especially this combination of event & auditory, that’s why you’ve got highly performance inventory & auditory/event optimized landing pages with no code or time spent in the landing pages builder
  • Triple Edge Transactions: with GiftMagic your customers can buy, gift & reward your products. You open unlimited possibilities with 3 types of transactions supported by GiftLandings. No need for 3 different software - cover every customer needs with only 1 app.
  • Networking Transactions: GiftMagic will bring you new customers! And best part of it - you can easily upsell them & develop zero-cost acquisition channels!

Easy start & personalization

  • Integration takes less than 10 minutes. We will keep in touch with you on every step of it. And it's absolutely code-free!
  • GiftLandings will be personalized for your store automatically! Colors, banners & visual content - everything will be adapted depending on your store theme. No need to hire developers or mess around with landing pages builders.

Start selling on Enterprise Level

  • We provide 24/7 support & personalized growth program for your store.
  • Strong long term relations is our core goal - that’s why we provide enterprise level of service with simplicity of app!
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Launch date
August 23, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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