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Live inventory syncing for multipacks, bundles and kits

About Multipacks

Sync inventory for multipacks : Keep your inventory in sync and up-to-date for multipack and bundle orders as they come through.

Multi locations : Automated inventory synching across multiple fulfilment locations.

Increase average order value : By creating multipacks and bundles, the total basket value per transaction increases.

Inventory syncing for multipacks, bundles, kits and sets

Keep your inventory synced between items that make up multipacks, bundles and kits across multiple locations

If you're selling multipacks of the same SKU or bundles / kits made up of various SKUs (products or variants), this is the app for you.

The app links the multipack, bundle or kit product in Shopify with each product that makes up the components of the multipack/bundle.

This ensures that your inventory is always kept in sync between the parent multipack, bundle or kit and their individual components automatically.

Live inventory sync

Your multipack, bundle and kit inventory is synced live and immediately when an order comes through.

Handling stock in multiple locations

If your store has multiple locations, when a multipack, bundle or kit is fulfilled in a specific location, the components that make up the multipack, bundle or kit gets adjusted accordingly based on the fulfilment location.

Easy setup

Set up is super simple. Create the multipack, bundle or kit by selecting the main product, and linking that to the individual components. The app then takes care of the rest whenever an order comes through.

Automatically calculate multipack, bundle or kit inventory

When setting up a multipack, bundle or kit, the app automatically calculates the parent inventory based on the individual components/items that makes up the bundle, multipack or kit.

Increase average order value

By selling multipacks, bundles or kits, you immediately increase the total basket value per transaction, and your customer gets a discount for buying the items as a pack or bundle. Note: this app only keep inventory in sync and not up-sell bundles on your store.

Doesn't add additional code to your store

The app works in the background and does not touch your store theme, as it only handles inventory syncing in the back-end.

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November 17, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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