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Translate your shop and 3rd party apps with Google Translate.

About G | translate

Go Global : Translate your shop into multiple languages and reach international markets. Multilingual SEO with URL translation available.

Increase Sales : Translate your shop to talk to your shoppers in their native language and increase the conversion rate. Country specific TLD available.

Neural Translation : Translate your shop into multiple languages using human and neural translators and cut huge costs. Translation proofreading available.

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G | translate app uses Google Translate automatic translation service to translate your Shopify store and make it multilingual within minutes. With 103 available languages your site will be available globally upon installation.

Unlike other translation apps we can translate most of the 3rd party apps on your shop with our translation proxy technology, we can also translate page URLs which is great for SEO. We do not limit the number of languages or translations in our free version and we do not bombard you with marketing emails asking to upgrade. Absolutely no pressure!

G | translate is a language translation services provider since 2008. It moves away the language barriers and helps to increase the conversion rate.

Free Features

  • Language selector for your shop
  • Google automatic translation
  • Translates the site on the fly
  • Translate 3rd party apps easily
  • Available styles Dropdown, Flags, Flags with dropdown, Nice dropdown with flags, Flags with language names, Flags with language codes, Language names, Language codes
  • Multilingual language names in native alphabet
  • Alternative flags for Quebec, Canada, USA, Brazil, Mexico
  • No limits for language count, word count and number of pageviews
  • Increase conversion rate by talking to your customer in their language

Paid Features

  • Multilingual SEO - Enable search engine indexing
  • Increase traffic and revenue
  • Better quality neural translation
  • You will have sub-domain ( for each language
  • URL Translation ( ->
  • Language Hosting (e.g. custom country specific top level domain for French)
  • You can manually correct translations with our in context translation interface
  • Professional translation and automatic translation proofreading service available
  • Translate meta data (meta keywords, meta description)
  • Translate microdata for better search engine appearance
  • Translate checkout pages
  • Add skip phrases to not translate
  • Skip translation by CSS
  • Client dashboard with analytics
  • Translation Proxy (aka Translation Delivery Network)
  • Centralized Translation Cache - We revise and improve translations over time


Please use our Live chat for your questions and support requests! We will help to configure the language selector appearance on your website.

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April 04, 2017
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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