Shopify App : Multi User Customer Account

Turn a standard Customer Account into one with Multiple users

About Multi User Customer Account

Share Shopping Carts : Customers can create groups & add members to share their shopping carts & simplify the purchasing process.

Member Management : Let customers allow multiple members to access their shopping carts to purchase items.

Merge Cart : Allow customers to merge their shared carts with the current cart & make their shopping a pleasant experience.


With the Multi User Customer Account app, your customers will now have multiple users to access their accounts on your store with certain permissions.

Customers can create groups and add members to it. Each member will receive a request to get access to the customer’s account.

Once the members accept the request, they will be allowed to share their shopping carts with other members. Also, they will be receiving carts requests from other group members. Thus, the members can purchase products from the shared carts and make the purchasing process easier & convenient.

You as an admin can view all the customers, created groups & added members of your store. Moreover, you will have an interactive dashboard to track all the actions performed on your store such as total cart shared, total revenue, total groups.

A Quick Overview of all the important features of this app:

  • Add Member: Customers can add members to access their accounts on your store.
  • Create Groups: Customers can create groups & add members to the group.
  • Share Cart with Member: Let customers share their shopping carts with members.
  • Share Cart with Group: Customers can share their shopping carts with all the members of the group in a go.
  • Member Management: You can manage all the members directly from the app.
  • Add/Delete Products: You can allow members to add products to cart & also delete products from the cart.
  • Request Member to Account Access: You can allow customers to send approval requests to the members while adding them.
  • Merge Carts: Let customers merge the products of their existing shared cart with the products of their current cart.
  • Configuration: You can configure all the translations & email templates from the app.
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Launch date
August 12, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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