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Custom workflows & pre-built libraries for easy automation

About Arigato Workflow Automation

Automate Routine Tasks : Do more faster. Trigger custom emails, publish products, add tags, update Metafields, set URLs, track returns, create custom workflows.

Prebuilt Automation Library : Get a head-start with pre-built automations for common tasks including Slack messages, Trello cards, HTTP & Shopify API Requests and more.

Flexibility to automate more : DIY your own custom actions, create bulk updates, schedule workflows, run on-demand workflows. Deep access to your store's data.

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With Arigato, it's easier than you think to solve your store's unique challenges

You'll wish you found it sooner.

Get your first workflow running, and you'll discover that Arigato can replace many other apps, saving money and simplifying operations.

Arigato is your super cheap full-time Virtual Assistant

Time is your most valuable resource. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Arigato can listen for any event or condition in your store and act on it. Let Arigato handle the menial tasks so you can focus on growing your successful business.

Arigato saves on development costs

Forget about building a "private app" for your business. The costs to go with a "custom app" are staggering. Use Arigato to get right to a solution in a fraction of the time and expense. Developers building with Arigato get the job done. FAST.

Popular Library Workflows

  • Tag new products and remove the "new" tag after a period of time
  • Email customer after purchasing a specific product
  • Add new orders including all line items to a Google Sheets spreadsheet
  • If an order is still unfulfilled after 2 days, email me
  • Automatically hide out of stock products and show them when back in stock
  • Tag products as on sale when the price is cheaper than the compare price
  • Tag customers when they purchase a specific product
  • Setting product metafields from product tags
  • Ask customer for a review after their order has been delivered
  • Transfer draft order metafields to order metafields

Custom Actions

Create your own custom logic in your own Custom Action code. Make API calls to Shopify or other systems, process the results and queue up other actions.

Inline Testing

Check your work as you build your workflow. Choose a test item, and see the results as you go, cutting down setup time dramatically.

Built In Actions

  • Klaviyo events
  • Twilio/SMS/Text Messages
  • Capture payments
  • Add and remove product tags
  • Send emails
  • Set metafield for any resource
  • Set product/variant metafield
  • Set product description
  • Subscribe to Mailchimp
  • Add order tags
  • Remove order tags
  • Send Slack message
  • Unpublish/Publish product
  • Update product fields
  • Update customer fields
  • Make Trello card
  • Add order note
  • Update order fields
  • Publish product
  • Add customer tags
  • Set order metafield
  • Add customer note
  • Set shop metafield
  • Send to IFTTT
  • Set product variant metafield
  • Update product variant field
  • Update draft order fields
  • Create a redirect
  • Delete a product/order/etc.
  • Send emails through Gmail
  • Send to data to Google Sheets
  • Shopify API & HTTP Requests
  • Completely Custom Actions
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January 28, 2019
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