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Spin Wheel,Currency Converter,Quick ATC Buttons & 18+ apps...

About Promote Me | Many apps in one

Improve Conversions & Revenue : Wheel of Fortune, Currency Converter, Animated Add To Cart Button, Animated Checkout Button, Instant Page Loader & more

Create Emergency & Easy to Use : Cart Reserved, Search Autocomplete, Back to Top button, Geolocation Redirect, Open External Links in New Tabs & more

Many More Benefits : Quick Add To Cart Buttons, Advanced Cookie Bar, Advanced Shipping Bar, Cart Favicon, Page Title on Inactive Tab, Copy Protection Plus & more


Excellent and friendly customer support (24/7) with LIVE CHAT

Promote Me app is a bundle of apps that includes many Shopify apps, aimed at boosting sales by increasing conversion rate and decreasing page load time. We will including more and more apps as app updates.

Finetune Store Apps

  • Back to Top button
  • Open External Links in New Tabs
  • Terms and Conditions on Cart
  • Skip Product page Cart
  • Remove Shopify Branding
  • Geolocation Redirect

Protect Store Apps

  • Advanced Cookie Bar
  • Copy Protection Plus
  • Hide Best Selling Filter

Improve Experience Apps

  • Search Autocomplete
  • Instant Page Loader
  • Currency Converter

Reduce Cart Abandonment Apps

  • Cart Favicon
  • Page Title on Inactive Tab
  • Cart Reserved
  • Advanced Shipping Bar

Increase Conversion Rate Apps

  • Animated Checkout Button
  • Animated Add To Cart Button

Capture More Leads Apps

  • Wheel of Fortune

Boost Revenue Apps

  • Quick Add To Cart Buttons

And many more coming soon...


Our app will start working as soon as you install and enable all or some. But if you face any issue, just write to us at and our team will take care of the rest :)

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January 12, 2017
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