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Easily sell in other stores : Mothership makes drop shipping partnerships effortless. Export product listings, automate inventory updates, & route orders & fulfillments.

Build lucrative partnerships : Easily partner with influencers, media companies, D2C brands, and other retailers and get access to new audiences and customer bases.

No transaction fees : Unlike some of our competitors, Mothership isn't going to charge you an 8% transaction fee on every order.

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How can Mothership help my business?

Mothership can help drive new revenue growth by unlocking access to new audiences and customer bases. We do this by providing all of the technical functionality you need to create your own custom drop shipping partnerships.

Who is Mothership for?

Mothership is for anyone who wants to form a drop shipping partnership with another online store. You don't need to be a developer or have an IT department to be successful with this app. We work with everyone from elementary school gym teachers running a Shopify store as a side hustle to media conglomerates charting the future of content-to-commerce.

This version of Mothership is for suppliers or vendors who want to sell their products in another business's Shopify store. You are the party who will be fulfilling the order.

If you want to sell someone else's products, please check out the retailer version of the app, Mothership Connect.

What does Mothership do?

Mothership is a drop shipping automation platform that makes it easy to sell your products in someone else's Shopify store. It's a pair of apps that work together through a unified backend. One app is installed in your store and the other is installed in your retail partner's store.

Once the two stores are connected, Mothership makes it easy to:

  1. Publish your product listings to your retail partners. They'll be able to import your product descriptions, images, and pricing into their own Shopify store. You can select the products you want to make available to a particular retail partner.

  2. Mothership automatically updates your retail partners with your latest inventory counts on a soft-realtime basis. This helps ensure that your retailers can only sell what's available to be sold.

  3. When a retailer sells one of your items, Mothership will automatically route your portion of the order back to your Shopify store. Along the way, we can calculate shipping charges and handle the finances through our integration with Stripe. You'll fulfill the order using your existing order management processes. Mothership plays well with 3PLs, warehouse management systems, and 3rd party fulfillment platforms.

  4. Once you fulfill an order, Mothership will automatically send the fulfillment information and tracking numbers back to your retailer's Shopify store and on to the end customer.

Will Mothership help me find retailers to work with?

Generally, we do not provide match making services. Why not? Because you understand your industry, vertical, and brand much more than we ever will. As such, you are the best position to identify and evaluate promising retailers to partner with.

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October 26, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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