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Connect rewards with payments, shopping and social

About Moonwalk

Integrate : Integrate digital rewards anywhere your customers live - online, mobile, retail point of sale, social, games, content and partners

Monetize : Drive revenue with digital reward card sales, subscriptions, top-ups and transaction fees

Reward : Enable your customers to earn for referring new customers, purchasing and participating in voting, watching and gaming

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Connects rewards with payments, shopping and socials

Engage your customers more often and drive monetization.

Your customers are everywhere - on social media, watching content, shopping online, visiting retail stores. Imagine being able to offer them the opportunity to benefit from your brand wherever they are. Well now you can!

With Moonwalk, you can interconnect digital rewards with any platform:

  • social media
  • content platforms
  • gaming
  • retail point of sale
  • online point of sale

Get your users earning from consuming content and engaging, spending in store and online. Once they're engaged and actively participating in your economy, add ways for them to stay connected.

Moonwalk is powered by the latest in blockchain technology, digital assets and API's to enable seamless interconnection of your brand across any platform.

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Launch date
March 19, 2021
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