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Recent Sales Pop-ups for Social Proof

About Shiftsy

Increase conversions : Demonstrate social proof with Verified By Shiftsy pop-ups, recommending purchases for browsing customers.

Show off traffic : Make your store look busy with curated pop-ups, with options for kinds of statistics & recency of purchases to show off.

Customizable & beautiful : Built by Facebook and Apple engineers, Shiftsy was designed with customizability and aesthetics in mind, so it'll look great on your store.



Shiftsy helps you boost conversions by showing shoppers that people love your products. Regardless of how heavy your sales traffic is, you can use Shiftsy to advertise hot products and demonstrate track record.

Get started in seconds

Shiftsy was designed with ease-of-use in mind. We integrate directly with your Shopify order history; just install the app, spend a few seconds on setup, and boost your store's shopping experience!

Beautiful UI and Support

We're a team of Facebook and Apple software engineers with a track record of building beautiful, performant products. We offer 24/7 support, and we'll get our hands dirty and build features that you need to get your own social proof pop-ups up and running.

Top-Notch Analytics

Get insights into how Shiftsy is helping your team, and figure out where things need fixing.

Automatic updates

Rest assured knowing that app upgrades will be shipped automatically to your store, so you're always rocking the shiniest new version.

Useful no matter how big your store is

Not much order traffic? No problem! We grab your order history to populate your initial Shiftsy pop-ups, and you can choose to blur out the timestamps if you'd like. No matter how big your store is, there's always room for social proof!

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Launch date
November 20, 2020

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