Shopify App : Moneybird Bookkeeping

Reliable order synchronization to your accounting software


With an integration between Shopify and Moneybird. you have a user-friendly e-commerce solution.

This integration automatically exchanges important data between Shopify and Moneybird. This saves time, you never have to do duplicate work again and you make fewer mistakes. After all, no manual work is needed.

What information is being exchanged?

  • Shopify orders are automatically synchronized to Moneybird.
  • Customers in Shopify are created as a customer in Moneybird
  • Determine when to synchronize, based on the order status.
  • Determine the desired invoice status in Moneybird.
  • The income statement and VAT return are updated immediately.
  • Existing orders are transferred from Shopify to your Moneybird account
  • Order information products (product name, quantity, amount of the order line and VAT) and shipping costs are taken over.
  • Discounts, both discount codes and shopping cart discounts are included.
  • You save time, work more efficiently and increase your job satisfaction.

Mollie payments

Do you use Mollie for iDEAL or Credit card payments? This integration automatically processes Mollie payments. This way you no longer have to manually download the MT940 file from Mollie and upload it in Moneybird to process payments. Also, the transaction costs that Mollie charges are taken into account here. This way you are less concerned about your administration so you can focus on the important stuff.


  • This integration is synchronized every 15-30 minutes (usually earlier).
  • Completed orders are transferred from the first time of installation.
  • Order history can be automatically included.
  • Customers are created in Moneybird based on a unique email address.
  • Use Moneybird as an affordable and easy accounting package. We recommend that invoicing be carried out from Shopify.
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July 13, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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