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Make Mona Tessitura discount codes available to customers



This app is a custom integration for Mona and its associated brands to make discounts defined in Tessitura – our central ticketing and CRM system – available for customers to use on Mona's online shops.

How Mona discount codes work with your shop

The app copies discount codes from Mona's Tessitura system to your shop's standard Discounts list, so customers can apply their codes to discount purchases.

The app then automatically keeps these discount codes' remaining values up-to-date as customers apply their discounts at one of Mona's many vending locations:

  • your shop
  • other online shops
  • Mona's ticket sale site
  • phone orders
  • ferry bookings, etc.

Each time a Tessitura discount code is applied in your shop or elsewhere, its value is reduced by the amount applied until it is all used up. If a discount code has some value remaining after being applied, the discount will be updated in your shop with the new value. Once the discount code is used up, it will be expired in or removed from your shop.

Who can use this app? Only Mona

This app is custom-built for use by Mona and its associated brands, to work with our highly customised Tessitura system, for sales in Australian currency.

This app will NOT work for other organisations, even if they happen to use Tessitura.

This app is therefore not available to the general public, and will remain UNLISTED in the Shopify App Store.


To use this app you will need to:

  • be an organisation that is part of Mona or associated brands
  • be based in Australia and sell in Australian currency; our Tessitura system only supports $AUD
  • contact Mona's Digital team to obtain an authorisation password, to activate the app after installation
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Launch date
March 24, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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