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Automated invoicing and inventory management

About Moloni España

Automatic document creation : Automatically create certified documents, which can be consulted in both Moloni and Shopify platforms.

Inventory Synchronization : Whenever a product is edited in one of the platforms, this change will also be reflected on the other.

Automatic Updates : Moloni does not require any installation process and all of its updates are automatic.

Automated invoicing and inventory management

How does this app help your online shop?

This app allows you to convert your Shopify sales into documents in a simple and efficient way. Every sale can be converted into an Invoice, Receipt, Simplified Invoice, Proforma Invoice, Estimates or Purchase Order.

In order to help you manage your business, this app also provides you with powerful syncing/synchronization tools that help you keep your Inventory updated between both platforms, guaranteeing that all your products have up to date prices, descriptions or quantities in both the Moloni and Shopify platforms.

Why should you choose Moloni?

Moloni is an online invoicing software program with tools useful for any kind of business venture. Along with providing advanced document management tools, it also allows for in-depth sales, purchases and profit analysis.

It utilizes the cloud and a simple internet connection is enough for you to be able to access all of your data anywhere. All the updates are automatic and their customer support is always ready to clear any doubt.

Some of the advantages include:

  • Limitless Product and Customer registry;
  • Limitless Document Creation;
  • Stock Management;
  • Powerful POS (Point of Sale) system;
  • Detailed Sales and Purchases analysis;
  • Automatic Updates;
  • Customer Support for any help needed.

This integration is ideal for

  • Saving time during sales;
  • Full real-time invoicing control:
  • Creating documents automatically and according to current legislation;
  • Attaining a fully synchronized Inventory.
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Launch date
June 09, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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