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About Moda: Email & SMS Marketing

Personalize with customer data : Send customers personalised emails based on shopping behaviour on store, products they like, ads they clicked on, and emails they open.

Prebuilt templates for brands : Use a library of ready-made automations and email templates to start personalized communication with your customers right away.

Advanced automation made easy : Save your time by automating workflows like recovering abandoned carts, reactivating lost & inactive customers, and upselling.

Automate your DTC growth with pre-built journey templates

About the app

Moda is the email and SMS marketing automation platform for retention-focused ecommerce and DTC brands. Moda helps you drive engagement and generate revenue from your existing customers, maximizing the efficiency of customer acquisition for your brand. As part of our mission to democratize data and automation technology for businesses of all scale, Moda provides marketing automation and an in-built CDP for the modern ecommerce ecosystem. Moda integrates seamlessly across your tech stack to make sense of every step in your customer journey on your Shopify store. Once on the Moda platform, you can use proven workflows and templates to create hyper-personalized experiences for your customers. Keep your audience engaged with the latest on offer from your ecommerce business, covering offers, cart reminders, recommendations and price-drop alerts. Moda helps you ensure that your customers feel welcomed, heard and rewarded using data to guide you on what makes your customers click.

Here’s what Moda offers:

Unified Customer Data

Moda collects your customer data from your store and popular e-commerce apps in one location, allowing you to study all events relating to your customer’s behaviour on a single unified profile.

Pre-built Segments

Use pre-built smart segmentation to boost your conversion with well-targeted, personalized messages over email and SMS.

Automated Flows

With our pre-built workflow templates, create an interactive, personalized journey for your customer and respond promptly to each of your customer’s interactions.

Personalized Campaigns

Use a visual email and workflow builder to create compelling messages for your customers. Bring in your Shopify data to add dynamic content blocks (recommendations, top selling products and abandoned cart reminders) and deliver your messages with a personal touch.

Unified Analytics

Get insights into your store’s performance, your marketing campaigns and your revenue attribution - all in real time on a single dashboard. Minimum delays mean you have maximum visibility on business performance.

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August 30, 2022
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