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Simplistic's internal app for managing their Microsites


This app is used by Simplistic on stores owned and managed by Simplistic, a company that creates basic e-commerce sites (or "Microsites") with products that are promoted on TV as part of Flash Sales. This app is intended only for Simplistic's own expansion stores, not for public use. Simplistic's team installs this app in all their "Microsites", which provides Simplistic full access to the data of the entire store. Simplistic uses the access to generate custom reports (that are not part of this app) based on the Orders pulled from all the "Microsites" where this app is installed. The interface of the app only contains a form that must be filled out manually, where Simplistic can input the date and time when the "Microsite" must "open" and "close" for customers, and other fields with more information about the store that Simplistic uses on the reports but doesn't affect the store at all (like brand name, TV Show name, category, total of SKUs that are being sold, initial total inventory quantity, if it's online-only or promoted on TV, if it offers back-orders or not, if it sells vouchers or not). The app itself doesn't provide any features or functionalities to the store, or affects the Theme or front-end at all.

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August 01, 2022

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