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About VT Labs Metafield Translator

Metafields Translation : Metafields automatic recognition. Manage meta fields translations directly from the Shopify admin panel with no coding skills.

Manual & AI Translation : Easily manage and edit translations in a single place. Use Manual or AI Translation to translate all pages of your store into any language.

Native Store Languages : Supports Shopify's native multi-language feature. Translations aren't lost after installation or deletion. No additional code in your theme.

Metafields Translation

About VT Labs | Metafields Translator App

The best way to expand your business is by reaching new customers. This native Shopify app is the perfect tool for anyone looking to create a multilingual Shopify store without any coding skills. With its manual and AI translation mix, you can easily translate all your store's pages into 130+ languages, including metafields!

Main Features:

  • Meta Fields Automatic Recognition
  • Translate All Pages
  • Unlimited Translated Languages
  • Free Unlimited Manual Translations
  • Auto AI Translations (Free 2000 Credits)
  • Free No Code Installation
  • Intuitive Editor Dashboard
  • Technical Support

Metafields Translations

The app automatically recognizes meta fields and makes it easy to keep your store's translations up to date. You can manage your meta fields translations directly from the Shopify admin panel with no coding skills required.

Native to Shopify

The app is integrated with the Shopify Translation API and works seamlessly with Shopify's native multi-language feature, also known as Store Languages. This enables you to quickly and easily add multiple languages to your store, with no additional code added to your theme or external backend. In addition, translations aren't lost after installation or deletion.

Auto AI Translation

You can automatically translate your whole store into any language using Google Neural Machine Translations. AI translation can help get your store up and running in a new language within minutes. We give all users 2000 free AI Translation Word Credits to try it out. You might be surprised at just how accurate and valuable it can be!

Unlimited Manual Translations

The App offers a clean and intuitive editor dashboard that makes it easy to translate all pages into multiple languages - products, collections, blogs, pages, product variants, meta fields, etc. You can manually translate store content from scratch or edit translations after running automatic translation to ensure the quality of your translations. Note: Manual Translations feature is forever free on all plans.

Unlimited Translated Languages

The app allows you to add, publish, unpublish, or disable/delete any 130+ languages supported by Shopify. Keep in mind that Shopify limits regular users to 5 languages and Shopify Plus up to 20 target languages.

SEO Friendly

Shopify automatically adds meta, generates hreflang tags, and creates locale-aware URLs so Google indexes each translated page in your store.

Technical Support

Our support team is always ready to help! Please, contact us via email, if you have any questions or require technical assistance. Also, visit our FAQ.

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February 07, 2022
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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