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About Advanced Metafields

Client Friendly : Specify field validation for your end users, keep data entry consistent with configurable field validation.

Advanced Metafield Types : Upload Images, add flexible repeaters, validate number inputs and more!

Structured Metafields : Arrange your metafields in a beautiful and easy to use UI - our Beta Chrome Extension allows you to edit metafields on the product page


Get to know Advanced Metafields

A metafield allows for addition information on your products to be added to your site that do not come with the standard shopify sites. For example it allows for wash instruction or true fit information to be added to a dress on the online store, adding more information for the customer and making it more likely for you to convert to a sale. With Advanced Metafields you can add information to virtually anything you can imagine on your site. Even the most inexperienced merchant can quickly and easily add info on your items, collections, posts, blogs and much more. Merchants can even modify their metafields from the shop front, ensuring it looks right.

We have made it easy to add, edit and remove metafields all in one place, without the risk of changing your sites theme or speed at which it loads.

Our features

  • Consistent field entry and editing across all structured and unstructured metafields

Don’t waste time learning the ins and outs of multiple apps. Advanced metafield provides a one stop shop for all of your metafield needs.

  • Set metafield option, ensures less mistakes

With a set list of options for your metafields, we have fool-proofed your entries and made Advanced Metafields extremely user friendly. This however, does not limit you, any metafield you like can be made through Advanced Metafields.

  • Custom Schema per product layout

Have the freedom to completely customise your look. We have made for a uniquely customisable schema editor, allowing you to make your site how you want it.

  • Built in search option

Find all your old and new metafields within seconds with our search bar, time is money and we have just saved you a lot.

  • Agency friendly

Advanced Metafields has been built with the developer in mind. While it is easy for any merchant to edit their metafields even from there home page, Advanced metafields shines in the hand of a developer. Easily set a schema of metafields for the client to use.

  • Completely GDPR compliant

  • Try Advanced metafields without the financial stress with our FREE PLAN

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May 28, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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