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Meja is a simple solution to add a fully customizable, questionnaire-based product recommender to your online store. By asking your customers a few simple questions you can recommend the ideal products for them. Your customers' answers are an opportunity for you to learn what they are looking for without having to make assumptions and at the same time to improve your zero-party data marketing.

Easily set up and deploy to your store in just minutes, just follow the instructions in the app!

Product Recommender

  • Help your visitors to find the perfect product for their needs
  • Simple add question after question and match the relevant products in a drag and drop interface
  • Improve the conversion rate by showing the right product at the right time and with personalized product recommendations
  • Deliver personalized product recommendations directly on the recommendation page
  • Increase conversion rate with add to cart from recommendation page
  • Provide value before asking for customers' email addresses
  • Increase opt-in conversion rate by offering a coupon code which you send your customers via Klaviyo

Learn from Customers

  • Learn about your visitors with unlimited questionnaires
  • Grow your email marketing list and improve your zero-party data marketing
  • Learn what products most customers are looking for and improve your store depending on the data


  • Klaviyo
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February 01, 2022

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