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Live chat and chatbots to save time and automate customer care

About Maven WebChat

Real time conversations : With instant and unlimited messaging, our live chat service can engage with visitors and turn them into customers before they decide to buy.

No complicated setup : We designed Maven to be simple to join and use. No developers are needed, and in a few clicks you'll be up and running with chatbots.

Web & Mobile in one place : Manage your customer conversations anywhere you are using our desktop console or mobile app.

Save time and delight your customers with conversational AI

Maven WebChat is LivePerson's new conversational AI platform for Shopify.

Businesses can now integrate live chat and chatbots onto their website to help improve their customer's experience and boost sales, conversion, and retention.

Automated Customer Care

Our AI-powered WebChat chatbots can handle all the most common service issues that are time-sensitive, so your customers can be taken care of 24/7. Your support team will focus on the complicated and escalated problems that need additional attention.

We designed Maven WebChat to be simple to join and use directly on your website. Chatbots are ready out-of-the-box. No developers are needed to assist, and the chat window will be up and running in a few simple steps.

Maven’s no-configuration capabilities include:

  • Welcome Message with a menu of customer service options
  • Order Status automation chatbot
  • Shipping and Refund Policies chatbots
  • Cart Awareness and Cart Abandonment chatbots to boost sales and lower abandonment rates
  • Agent Escalation to speak to a member of the business with up to 24/7 support
  • Set business Away Hours to provide customers with weekly availability
  • An Analytics dashboard to showcase conversation insights, cost savings, and engagement rates
  • Share products and images directly in a chat from your WebConsole or mobile app
  • Email and push notifications when a chat is escalated to a live agent and receive new messages
  • Omnichannel Support to integrate Meta and Instagram messages in one place
  • Automation to help customers request a Return
  • New customers to be prompted with a discount code towards purchase
  • Maven Business mobile companion app to take conversations on the go

Real Conversations in Real-Time

Customers can contact businesses through our free live chat window. You can ensure their needs are met without any unnecessary delays before they decide to shop elsewhere by directly engaging with customers.

Customizable Widget to Match Your Brand

The chat window has tons of customizable options, so you can be sure the look and feel matches your brand.

Why Maven WebChat

We have created a live chat experience that mitigates any hassle for customers looking to have their questions answered in a limited amount of time. Maven WebChat is the perfect support network for e-commerce business owners, as we continue to develop automations from checking order statuses to shipping policies, dealing with cancellations and refunds, updating personal information, and providing customer feedback ratings.

Customers are empowered to stop wasting time on hold or navigating aimlessly for products and solutions to issues. With Maven WebChat, customers message with their favorite businesses which can make the difference between a sale or a lost opportunity.

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July 28, 2022
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