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Get maximum profits by shipping rates

About Master Shipping

Delivery Areas : Add unlimited delivery areas based on country, state and zipcode. Set individual and custom shipping rates for each shipping area.

Products base Shipping Rate : Get maximum profit by set shipping rate for each and every product. Use tiered shipping rates to offer discounted shipping on extra items.

Standard and Express Shipping : Using best shipping app you can set different shipping rate for Standard and Express shipping.


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  • Now, You can get Maximum profits by shipping rates, Which is suit your business.
  • Set your shipping rate for each product by country, states and post/zip codes.
  • It is possible to set individual flat shipping rate for each product/quantity.
  • Set Custom shipping based of country, states and zip code.

You can drive your own shipping rate with Master Shipping Pro. Master Shipping Pro gives you extra shipping control features.

Do you have any high weight products? Do you have shipping companies who is charge flat shipping rate? Do you want tier shipping rate for your customer?

  • No need to write code
  • Solve the problems of incorrect shipping rates
  • No need weight of products
  • Set shipping rate by country, state and zip / postal code
  • You can set tier(multiple) shipping rate for each product
  • Set multiple shipping rates by origin(post/zip code)
  • Free shipping, base on products
  • Free/Fixed shipping if customer has products X, Y, Z in their cart
  • Set shipping rules by cart total
  • Full control over your Shopify shipping
  • Bulk update shipping rate


  • Country based Shipping rates - Set shipping rates for specific country.
  • State based Shipping rates - Set shipping rates for specific state.
  • Postal or zip code based Shipping rates - Set shipping rates for specific areas by post/zip codes.
  • Set rules by cart total - Set shipping rates by cart total value.
  • Set shipping rate by products - Set a different flat shipping rate for each product. No worry about weight or dimensions.
  • Set tier(multiple) shipping for each product - Set a different shipping rate for each quantities of product.
  • Set one shipping rate who will buy multiple quantities of product - Set flat shipping rate of multiple quantities.
  • Set free shipping of products - Set free shipping each product you need.
  • Bulk Update - Update bulk product shipping Rate.
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October 17, 2016
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